More Layoffs at Borders Group Inc.


Yesterday I got the call from a VP at Borders that it was to be his last day. Long time merchandise department employees were being moved out and a new structure was being put into place. This was the third such call I’d gotten in the last few months from Ann Arbor. Over the last year, Borders has been structuring and restructuring, working and reworking their systems to try to find the right balance between the old way and the new.

With so much speculation about whether or not Borders will be sold or if they will declare bankruptcy, I am glad to see Borders is still working to try to find answers for their business. I hope they find what they are looking for… the thought of a Border-less book industry makes me a little queasy.

For years, Borders was seen by publishers as the “good chain”. They were open, more laid-back, their schedules and processes were less rigid than other retailers. They were the Ben & Jerrys of the book world.

But times have changed, things are looking bleak, financial reports are in, and Borders is not as successful as their more corporate rival.

I put it to you… why not?


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