Top Ten Reasons Why Your English Teacher-Mother-Neighbor-Friend-Church Secretary Cannot Edit or Proof Your Book


  1. An avid reader with a red pen is not a good substitute for an editor who knows how to polish and refine another’s writing.
  2. The amateur editor or proof reader does not know all the elements to look for.
  3. They have not developed the years of training it takes to catch almost every mistake.
  4. They do not know the proper arc and format of each type of book.
  5. They do not know The Chicago Manual of Style standards for book publishing.
  6. They do not know how to code a manuscript for the designers.
  7. Yes, they catch every spelling mistake in their daily lives, but they do not catch every spacing, line setting, page number, and margin error.
  8. They are not practiced in working in the publishing industry. They cannot offer the advice and guidance that a professional can.
  9. They do not have the software and computer skills to work as efficiently as a professional.
  10. Hire an amateur, and you will might lose your chance to publish a good book and end up publishing a could-have-been-good book.

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