Things I wish aspiring published authors said every day


“Well, I like it, but I’d better find some independent opinions.”

“I am reading some wonderful authors right now”

“Better go, my writing group/class starts soon!”

“Yes, Ms./Mr. Editor, I do trust you…. let’s work on your suggestions.”

“Not everyone is going to want to buy my book.”

“Now, where is that list of agents I have been researching to find out exactly how I should submit my book?”

“ 4 agent rejections? Let me see what they said….”

“Huh, 14 agent rejections…. I’d better send out more queries.”

“Darn it, I haven’t talked to anyone about my book since yesterday.”

“I can’t wait to give/send copies of my book to a bunch more people today.”

“I know I was just at my local bookstore a few days ago, but I think I’ll shop there again today”

“I have no idea how my local library chooses books, I think I’ll stop down there tomorrow and ask the librarian.”

“I’d better get moving; I have to participate in several online discussions today.”

“I find so many other author’s and publisher’s blogs so very interesting. I should comment on them.”

“I’m going to find out if I can participate in a least one or two local book clubs this year.”

“I think my manuscript is completely done. I’m going to send it to a copyeditor.”

“I should make sure I have subscribed to as many book industry websites, blogs and trade publications as possible.”


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