August, 2011

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When to say “When”


Recently, a few authors have come to us and asked if it was time to “pull the plug” on their book marketing efforts.  These authors have spent time, money and a lot of energy promoting books that have still not found a large readership.  When is it time to say “When”?

My thoughts on this run the gamut from “Now” to “Never”.  To be specific… there comes a time when investing money in your marketing plan no longer makes sense.  If you have hired a reputable, hard-working PR firm, if you have spent the time and money on marketing your book to your core readership, if you have made your book available through fulfillment or distribution channels… if you have done all of this for over a year and  you are still not selling books?  It is time to put away the checkbook.

BUT, it is NEVER time to put away the clock.  This book is your baby.  If you still have the time to watch Mad Men, then you have the time to participate in discussion groups, visit your local library’s book club, participate in a local author event, review other author’s books on line…. there is always something you can do with our time to get your book out there.  You never know when the “right” person will read it and it is your job to keep putting in the time to promote your book. 

Some books take years to take off.  But it won’t happen if you have given up.