September, 2011

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Friends Don’t Let Friends complain about Facebook


Once again, there is a hue and cry over the changes made to Facebook. A service that brings enormous enjoyment and connection to millions of people everyday for free. Enough complaining! Facebook has the right to introduce improvements and changes and you have the right to not use it if you wish.

I’ll go on the record here:

The changes might actually be an improvement once you stop freaking out about the fact that something is different. Now we can make lists of friends and not have to wade through all the minutiae of every person who lands in that grey spot between unfriending vs. hiding vs. terribly interested.

Relax. Try it out. See what you like. Give it a few days. THEN make a solid, rational case for your opinion. “I just don’t like change” is not a position which one should state publicly. Shhhh…. go play with your new Facebook and stop cluttering my new “Top Stories”.