October, 2011

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Go buy Kiana Davenport’s Kindle Book Now


I have read the stories of Penguin cancelling Kiana Davenport’s upcoming book because she published a Kindle edition of some of her older stories. Stories that had already been REJECTED by Penguin.


It seems to me that Penguin is foolishly trying to intimidate all of their authors by making such a loud, scary fuss over Davenport’s decision. It looks like they are trying to scare the rest of their authors from ever trying to do the same thing.  I wager that they will soon see a huge backlash that will make them sorry they ever tried that.

First – GO BUY Kiana’s book!

Second – Published authors? Go publish all of your unpublished and out of print work yourself as eBooks. Run, do not walk. Make sure that PENGUIN is the one that gets the message…. publishing is not the lofty realm of the privledged NY houses and has not been for a long time. You have the right to publish what you have created.

Time to scare the hell out of Penguin….