The Power of Three!


Things you can do TODAY to

increase book sales:

By Amy Collins

Don’t have time or the budget for a large marketing outreach?  Use the the power of three to help your book get the attention it deserves:

  1. Reach out to 3 bloggers and offer to write a guest post based on a subject in your book
  2. Call 3 stores and ask if they would consider doing a display of your book in October if you gave them the first 6 books free of charge.
  3. Re-write your Amazon book description to include 3 recent book reviews and media hits
  4. Set up 3 author events at your local school, library or bookstore
  5. Contact 3 radio or TV stations and pitch them a story idea around your book.

Watch how the power of three can help increase your book sales starting today!

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