Which PR Efforts Turn Into Book Sales Take two…


—  By Amy the Meanie —

For several years now, I have watched authors focus their PR efforts on TV and Radio.  TV and Radio are wonderful tools for advancing the author’s name and message. They are a great way to get the author “out there” and help them become an acknowledged expert in their field.

But very little TV and Radio turns into book sales.  Local morning shows are perfect for the author trying to get national media and speaking engagements.  Local morning TV and radio shows showcase them beautifully.

But in my experience, they do not sell many books.

Readers read.  If you want to really move books, go where folks are reading. Magazines, newspapers, newsletter, online, blogs, news sites, etc.  These are the sites where a reader sees an author’s potential and message, can write down or click over to the book mentioned and either buy it or file it away for a future purchase.

How many folks in their cars on the way to work can write down an author’s name?

There are exceptions of course!  Imus, NPR, Ellen, Oprah… but let’s take a look at some numbers.

Below are some stories and numbers in my recent experience that support my opinion about print and online vs. TV and Radio.  Each of the books mentioned below are beautifully designed, appropriately priced for the marketplace, well written and professionally edited non-fiction books.  They look like any other book on a bookstore shelf.  They are all published by micro-publishers or self-published.

Last year, a New York Times bestselling author/client in my distribution company roster self-published a non-fiction book.  He had the pedigree, the press.  He was on 60 MINUTES.  That week, he sold 113 books.  He was on NPR.  That week, he sold 121 books.  He was in the New York Times and sold 567 books.

Another client of mine was on the 700 Club last month.  She sold 3 books.  3.  Two months before, another 700 Club guest who was an author in my distribution company sold 6.

I have had over a dozen clients on local morning talk shows this summer. None have sold more than a 21 books that week.

This is not to discourage you from hiring and working a strong PR plan.  Just the opposite!  Let’s look at a few other numbers.

An author with a personal finance book was in the Roanoke newspaper a few months ago.  Sold 57 copies THAT DAY.

Another author (business leadership book) was in the Louisville Courier last week.  She sold over 40 books that day.

Readers read.  If you are trying to launch your media and speaking career, than please focus on TV and Radio. But if you trying to sell books, please consider an on-line and print heavy focus to start.

Readers read.  You’re reading this aren’t you?

For more information and guidance on how to affect book sales, please visit www.newshelves.com or email info@newshelves.com

See how that worked?  Couldn’t do that on the TV!


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