June, 2013

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Beauty and Joy


Going to veer off of the typical New Shelves article here. I have been thinking lately a lot about what I find beautiful. Those thoughts have lead me to question what brings me joy. I assumed that they would be connected.


Here is a partial list of what I find beautiful:

  • Small town main streets
  • Water flowing over rocks
  • Mountains
  • Old buildings
  • Willow trees
  • Florence, Italy

Now…. here is a partial list of what brings me joy:

  • Drive-in movie theaters
  • That deep, wet, cool, green smell that comes from shady roads
  • Singing with other people
  • Board or Card games
  • Boats, convertibles, motorcycles, tilt-a-whirl rides…. Anything that puts the wind in my face. So…. I guess wind brings me joy
  • Contact with animals. Any animals.

I have always believed that beauty brings happiness.  How surprising to learn that what I find beautiful does not translate automatically into joy.  However, everything that brings joy is painfully beautiful to me.

What do you find beautiful? What brings you joy?