Materials and Advice Needed to Launch Your Speaking Career as an Author.


Well, we started off with some terrific advice from Michele DeFilippo  at 1106Design about what printed materials do and do not work best for those wanting to have ancillary materials at their speeches.  Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, caught us up on what she does with her materials and then we launched into what you need to do to get started!


Great advice all around on making serious profits on your book by getting booked as a speaker.  To Download The MP3, click here on  Author Speaking Engagements

  • How to turn a free speech into guaranteed book sales
  • What role video plays in getting booked
  • How to find the associations and organizations with the perfect niche for your topic
  • Children’s books… man… we needed another hour on that.  But WAIT!  We HAVE one.  Click Here for our Discussion about Children’s Book Marketing.



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