How to Sell and Market Your Book All on Your Own


I recently had a session with a client and there were so many good ideas that I thought I would share what I could.

The main ideas to come out of today’s session were:

  • Make sure you always have a copy of your book with you. Spend time every day dropping off signed copies of your books to store managers and/or following up with manager who got your book last week.
  • Keep doing events, get creative. Remember that events are about exposure and stocking… not just about sales that day.
  • Learn the rules of distribution and sales and follow them!
  • Keep finding reasons why the press should write about you.
  • Constantly write articles and submit to the large web and print media organizations.
  • Reach out to bloggers on  your topic and offer a guest post.
  • Participate in discussion groups on line every day.
  • Give away books every chance you get.  Send them to the media, to reviewers, to bloggers, to retailers. Keep sending them out. (But make sure you put stickers on your review copies so that they don’t end up getting sold)

If you would like to hear more and get more detail about these and other ideas. Check out our other blogs


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