Do You Need Amazon Advantage?


I often hear clients struggle with the idea of signing up for Amazon Advantage. They wonder why they can’t just list their book on Amazon as a third party seller.  I wanted to share with you the experience of a client who decided to sign up for Advantage after I “pushed” a little.

I’m an independent publisher with an award-winning book that is being reviewed and sold nationally.  I’m also an Amazon Central Seller.  I make more profit more because of their amazingly low fulfillment prices and access to an incredible book market.  BUT, even though I have thousands of books in three different fulfillment centers, I’m still a “third-party” seller.  I will NEVER get that most important little green “Buy Button” on Amazon because they still control all the little green “Buy Buttons” for BMVD—Books, Movies, Videos, and DVD’s. (If you sold waffle makers or nail clippers, you’d get a “Buy Button.”)

 The only way to get that little “buy button” is through the Amazon Advantage program.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t like the Amazon Advantage program because it’s a consignment program.  BUT it’s the only game in town that will get you the “buy button” for your book.  The ONLY game in town. 

That little  “Buy Button” on Amazon means EVERYTHING to sell your book.

It means more than Amazon Author Central—more than even good reviews—more than everything.  It means, in the eyes of the Amazon consumer, you are legit.  I’m still an Amazon Central Seller and still have prices lower than Amazon.  I’m still the only third-party seller with prime shipping rights.  But I will never, ever, ever get that little green “Buy Button.” And nor will you.  And what’s really sad is without that “Buy Button,” you’ll be dumped in and lumped in with all the third-party sellers, which doesn’t give you’re book the appearance of Amazon legitimacy.  That’s the reality of Amazon.  

I learned all this Amazon information the hard way.  It’s not written in bold anywhere.  I am ALL for the independent author and publisher to make it.  But there’s the Amazon Advantage way—or the highway.  And yes, I did, finally get that little green “Buy Button.”




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