How Many Books Have I Sold?


TWW Front coverAfter years of helping clients publish their books, it was time for me to put my money where my mouth lived.

My book came out November 9th and I was SO excited.  It has been a number of years since my last book launch and I can tell you that the nerves and butterflies do NOT get better with age!

Within three days I was the #1 New Release in my category and I have the screen shot to prove it!

Want to know what that actually means?  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

It means my sister, my mother and a few others bought copies that first week. I sold a grand total of SIX books to become the #1 Hot New Release in the Reference and Publishing Category.

I could not be more thrilled… honestly.

I now can tell my clients that what I have been saying for YEARS is now true for me as well: This is a marathon, not a sprint. Ranking and status DO NOT MATTER.

6 copies. (And my family bought 4 of those.)

What a week.  What a world.  What a relief!

What DOES matter is that in the LAST two weeks, I started my review and marketing outreach. I am sending out copies to editors and blogger, producers and content aggregators.  My book is starting to show up on OTHER sites and my sales THIS week were 19.  19 on my FIRST week of asking for reviews and for media attention.

Can you imagine how many I will sell once the reviews and media starts actually posting?  I have a job to do in 2016.  I have to get the word out about my book every day for the next year.  Status and ranking do not matter.  Sales matter and those come from daily work in the fields… no harvesting with out a lot of back breaking work first.

I’ll make a deal with my fellow authors –  Let’s stay away from the ranking sites and bestseller lists and spend our time giving advice and discussing our books to the communities who will want to read them.

If you want to join my sister and mother and get a copy of THE WRITE WAY, you can buy it from me on this site or online by clicking here.


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  1. Amy, it’s been a few years since we spoke and connected on LinkedIn. Usually, I’m the one reaching out but you took the initiative. Now I would like to take the initiative and say I will definitely get your book, review it and spread the word.

    I know you are doing the hard work of, step by step, promoting your book that has great research and solid facts behind it as well as a wealth of data from your years of work. I’ve been in the business for 25 years with 17 books and now have, as of this year, ghostwritten and helped publish almost 60 books in the past six years. My clients have included companies like Mercer and Hewitt and authors that come are C-level executives.

    I look forward to talking again soon! All the best,

    Melissa G Wilson

  2. Barb Lynch says:

    Excellent, and enjoyed the book too!

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