First Results From Amazon Marketing Campaign


I have been experimenting with Amazon’s Advantage Marketing offerings over the last 10 days.  My first experiment was to purchase keywords and move my book up the search list via “sponsored product”.  I set a $300 budget for 10 days and got a GRAND TOTAL of 11 clicks and 0 sales.  I only spent $3.71 for those clicks and my budget was largely untouched.

So…. as of today, I am trying something different.  I am setting a $100 budget for TWO days and allowing a LOT more money per click to be charged to see if that drives the number of eyeballs on my book up.  I do not expect Amazon to be responsible for SELLING the book (the book will sell or not….) but I want a LOT more clicks per impression.

I will let you know how it goes! (And I would be curious to hear how YOUR advertising with Amazon is going!)

For now, here are the results of my $300 budget campaign over 10 days so you can see what it looks like:



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  1. So the primary probelm I see with your approach is the number of keywords you’re using. If you only have six keywords, then the odds of being discovered are limited to the likelihood of amazon searches that feature specifically the six keywords you entered. Why not add: increase book sells, writing a bestseller, selling a bestseller, how to be a bestseller? Also, add the names of other authors that have written successful books on this subject? You can throw all the money you want at these ads, but unless you’re building up your keyword bank to make them discoverable it is never going to amount to anything.

    • Amy Collins says:

      You are so right Chasity. My ad campaign actually has over 1200 keywords and my result have been wonderful. I have made at least 3X more money in book sales each week than I have spent. The example I showed above was just that, an example. I should have been more clear that we need to add 1000 keywords or more if we plan on really digging into this.

  2. Amy explains Amazon Advantage Marketing in her new book The Write Way! I recommend getting the book. Very practical and credible info about current self publishing info. Glad I happened onto it by way of an excerpt Amy posted on LinkedIn. Savvy marketing!

  3. Kas says:

    Could you explain what Advantage Marketing means? How does buying keywords work? and what is the sponsored list? Does your ad include your book’s cover?

  4. Ginny Jolly says:

    What do clicks reflect if they don’t match up to impressions? I would think to make an impression one would have to click, and these are the things that are measured.

    Is there somewhere where these terms are explained?

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