Can Someone Else Sell My Book For Me?


light-bulb-1407610_1280“Hello, New Shelves Books, How may I help you?”

“Hi, I have a book and I want to know if you can sell my book for me to stores and libraries?”

The answer? Yes and No…

It is possible to hire someone to EXECUTE the sales activities for your book, but YOU need to create the sales plan and the materials needed for the sales pitch.Sales plans and the execution of the sales activities are two VERY different things.

The sales plan includes researching the types of stores that should receive the sales presentations, creating the sales materials, creating the sales pitch, creating the list of benefits to the store/library if they stock the book, setting up a pitch and follow up schedule and plan. It is so much more than making phone calls and emails.

Once you have done all of these things, THEN you can hire someone to make the calls and send the emails.  Making sales pitches and presentations are a simple set of actions and follow up that takes a lot less strategy than creating the sales plan.

If you are considering hiring a sales assistant or a VA to do your sales duties, be ready to provide the following:

  • A PDF of a one page sales sheet
  • A beautifully designed HTML email sample email template
  • A database of stores for the assistant to start with
  • A system to allow the assistant to keep notes on each call and email so that follow up can happen
  • Training and sample script for calls to stores
  • A goal number of emails and phone calls to achieve each week

If, when you have these items, you can turn them over to a sales assistant or VA and let them get started!

For more information consider this video training on working with Sales Associates

If you would like New Shelves to launch your book for you, we would be happy to discuss it with you.  Read more about our LIFT OFF PROGRAM below:


3 Comments to Can Someone Else Sell My Book For Me?

  1. William Post says:

    I’m the author of 29 novels and am interested in getting someone to sell them of me. You can check this by Googling Books by William Post

    William Post

  2. Amy Collins says:

    Hi Ron, I know a couple of great folks who can set these up for you. Cyan Marketing is one. If you email me at, I will get you in touch with some great people who can help.

  3. ron j starich says:

    Ok then..who can even be hired to do these preliminary steps FOR me..(after a short meeting with me re my basic hopes..direction etc).
    These prelim parts (like accurate target audience etc) are yet a real stretch for me..out of the box expertise as a first time author!!!!

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