Step-by-Step Instructions to a Terrific Back Cover


For non-fiction authors, back covers are the best place to convince potential readers to open your book and check it out.

It is the front cover’s job to get the reader to flip the back over and read the back cover. It is the back cover’s job to convince the reader to open the book (in person or online).

For small press and self-published authors, WHAT to put on the back cover can be a hard decision.

Here is my formula for a killer back cover that has a terrific chance of convincing a reader to open your book:

  1. Big, bold, exciting headline: LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DIETING
  2. List 3-5 questions that will allow the reader to identify with an issue. (Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you lost and then regained the weight before? Do cravings and hunger plague you when you are trying to lose weight?)
  3. Write 3-4 sentences addressing the problems listed in those questions.
  4. Write a short paragraph describing the book and giving the reader a list of benefits they will receive when they read the book.


There is no need to put the author’s photo or even a bio on the back cover. The days of back covers being where folks went to learn about authors is over.  Put your bio, photo, and information on the last page of the book and save that amazing real estate on the back cover for showcasing the benefits of your book.


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