What to do AFTER you upload your book on Amazon

Your Book’s First Day on Amazon.com


There are things we want to see on our book’s Amazon page:

  • Search Inside working nicely (but not showing TOO much of the book)
  • All versions of our book showing up on all the different book’s pages and linked together
  • Our Author Page highlighted and linked
  • Our reviews from previous editions posted on the current edition
  • Perhaps our book discounted by Amazon to give it a “boost”

We also want to see our book on the top of the list when we type in the title or our author name.

But these things won’t happen right away.  The week that you upload your book is too soon to expect to see these things. Links, listings, Search Inside, reviews… these items take some time to find, enact, and post.  So when you first upload your book, please be patient with Amazon and give the computer minions time to get to all of the thousands of books that were uploaded on the same day your book was.

BUT, there are things you can do to speed up the process a bit.

  1. You can email CreateSpace or Amazon Advantage customer service with the ISBNs of all of our versions of your book and ask them to link them together.
  2. Go into Author Central and choose “Call Me”. They will call you and you can request that they copy the reviews and materials from your first edition to your current edition.
  3. You can also ask them to assign your book to a specific category you have seen but could not find in the drop down list on your upload page.  (This is a great way to position your book against your direct competition and get a higher ranking)
  4. Go into Author Central and make sure ALL versions of your book are listed on your bibliography. If not, claim them.

As for where your book falls in the list when you type the title or author name into the search bar, that is strictly based on demand and number of views and sales. The quickest way to get to the top?  Search by title name, find your book, click on it, and buy a copy. Then choose that EXACT URL (with search tags) in the URL bar and copy to send to your friends to click on and purchase.  After a few purchases, your book will be up near the top of the list when people type in the title!




2 Comments to Your Book’s First Day on Amazon.com

  1. Thank you, Amy Collins, for your savvy suggestions. Joan Stewart sent me your way for distribution help.

    Louise Farmer Smith

  2. Very informative. Thank you Amy.

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