Announcing Our New LIFT OFF PROGRAM – We Sell Your Book to Stores and Libraries


What will it take to get your book into libraries and independent bookstores?

Introducing the New Shelves Books Lift Off Program

Ready to explore your book’s potential in the “offline” world? Let us help with a turnkey program that lets you see what’s possible before you invest a significant amount of time, energy, and funds.

Here’s how it works:

You send me your book, and I will read it and give you my HONEST opinion as to its chances in the book and library market. When a book isn’t widely embraced, it’s usually because it doesn’t meet current market standards. That’s why I want to see your book first. It gives me a chance to assess the potential for success based on my years of experience in this industry. I will be honest about your chances before I charge you a penny. (It’s kinda what I’m known for . . . . )

If we agree to proceed I will create for you:

  1. Sales plan
  2. Book Information sheet
  3. Marketing plan checklist (based on your input)
  4. Cover letter
  5. Sales call script
  6. Database of US Bookstores and Libraries with contact information

THEN, one of my highly trained staff members will call and email 100 stores/libraries to pitch your book. Our goal is to get your book into their databases and onto their shelves.

Once we have contacted 100 stores/libraries, we’ll send you a report detailing store responses: yes; no; or more information, please.

After you review those results and assess your book’s potential, you have three options:

  1. You can bring the work in-house using the materials and kit I give you.
  2. We can move ahead with another 100 stores/libraries for an additional fee.
  3. You can decide to focus on another segment of the marketplace.

What can you expect? In my experience:

A few books are accepted by 20-30 locations

MOST are tested in 10-20 locations

Some find a home in 5 or so stores/libraries

The Purpose? The Lift Off Program is designed to give you everything you need for a sales campaign plus generate immediate feedback and results from those first 100 calls – all in just one month.

With this approach, you haven’t invested a huge amount of money and have all the tools you need to use on your own going forward for this book and your next one.


We are currently accepting only 4 books a month in this program to give every client our full attention. So book now and save your spot!


7 Comments to Announcing Our New LIFT OFF PROGRAM – We Sell Your Book to Stores and Libraries

  1. Danielle Cook says:

    Do you have any recommendations for:

    Graphics firms/persons who do good book cover design?

    Someone who is a good manuscript coach and can tell you where the strengths and weaknesses are in your manuscript and work with you on fixing?

    (by the way, the Presentation & Workshop you did this past week at the Palm Springs Writer’s Guild was FAB and an excellent investment-thank you!)

  2. M d says:

    How long will it take to get my books on the lift program?

  3. Gary Stone says:

    How long would I have to wait to get my book onto this program given only 4 are taken a month?

  4. Albert M. Jabara says:

    I have used four independent publishers over more than five decades. The experience has been nothing but horrible. The family set up a publishing firm in 2005 to secure future revenues and copyrights. I have fourteen published books; four of wich were published through the independent publishers. The family members who control the new publishing firm have little or no experience in book sales, promotion, and distribution.

    I need a book promoter to take over the promotion and sales aspect of the new publishing firm, while my family can assume the responsibility of shipping and collecting receiveable. Do you provide such a service? I will be happy to send you copies of my two latest releases to evaluate. Also please let me know if you charge a reading fee. Just for information: several of my early books are now collectibles selling for a hefty amount of money. The information is widely available on Amazon, Googles, and other sites.

    Thank you for taking the time to read a rather lengthy note.

    Respectively Yours,

    Albert M. Jabara

    • Amy Collins says:

      Congratulations for starting your own imprint. What we do here is teach people how to do their OWN sales and marketing and use program such as this one to get them started. Hiring someone else to do it for you is very expensive and rarely works well.

      There ARE situations where hiring a sales firm or a distributor works, but in most cases, the return on the investments is so low it eats up all your profits. If you email us I would be happy to look over your materials and suggest a place to start. (no, we don’t charge a fee for evaluating books or publisher plans ever!)

      • Albert M. Jabara says:

        Thank you Ms. Amy for your response.
        Please send me your mailing address to
        I will send you copies of the print edition of two books recently released.

        Respectively Yours,

        Albert M. Jabara

  5. I would like to talk to someone knowledgable about your services

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