January, 2018

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Book Connect is the Best and Least Expensive Book Review Host Site Around


I just found out about BOOK CONNECT. Debbie Drum taught me how to GET  reviewer names and email addresses with her BOOK REVIEW TARGETER and I have loved how easy it is to find and contact book reviewers.

What has NOT been easy is getting the folks willing to review my book a copy.  Print copies are expensive and emailing my ebook seemed like an invitation to piracy.

NetGalley costs hundreds of dollars a month, so what else could I do?

BOOK CONNECT is on sale for the rest of January.  Usually $27 – $97 for a whole YEAR, now it is only $10 – $47 for a year subscription.

I signed up and had my book up and available in less than 3 minutes.  Debbie told me it was simple but MAN it was easy!

Check out BOOK CONNECT and put your book in the hands of your reviewers safely, cheaply, and easily. CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW.