What Our Clients Say


“Amy’s overwhelming knowledge, along with her passion to create a finished product as close to perfection as possible, made her an unbeatable asset in my book launch.

Not only did she offer me invaluable insight to ensure my book was major publishing house quality, but she coached me on how to take off my author’s hat and instead get into a publisher’s mindset. By viewing the process from a publisher’s perspective, Amy helped me understand how buying decisions are made by major chains as well as notable indie bookstores and gift shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Finally, she helped me create incredibly impressive marketing materials to showcase the best, most marketable aspects of my work. With complete candor yet tactful care, Amy was able to extract the very best work from me, giving me complete confidence in the successful launch of my book.”

– Suzette Webb, author


I listened to countless webinars and have tried various schemes by companies and individuals who claim that they will work “miracles”.  I have to tell you that yours Webinar and presentation was the most useful and well prepared of any that I have ever listened to.  I heartily thank and congratulate you…..and you are welcome to quote me!

– Bill Morgenstein

I have come to expect only the best advice from Amy Collins… and I am never disappointed. This article is a perfect example… great advice coupled with specific examples. This is meaty stuff that is immediately usable and useful. Thanks, Amy.

-Thom Reece

I really do appreciate your efficiency & expertise. I’m so glad I happened upon you- the world needs more straight shooters like you that know their stuff – Brava Amy !!!

– Kay Bell

What a delight. Your wit and smarts made the day informative, and dare I say … fun! I’ve sat through a lot of workshops and in my career, staged more that I like to remember. You balanced entertainment and instructive quite well.

I wish I could come up with some pithy criticisms. But looking back, can’t think of one. The only thought I had was expanding to a two-day workshop. Day one for newbies and day two for the more experienced. If that had been offered, I would have signed up for both.

– Chuck Waldron


You are the best curator of industry News that there is! I always send your newsletter along to our team because I know that they can get some really good information. I think it’s more worthwhile to spend time reading your newsletter than it is to read W!
-Julie Schoercke (JKSCommunications)


I heard Amy  Collins deliver an amazing, no-fluff, chock-full-of-golden-nuggets webinar on Tom Antion’s internet platform on how an author can place his/her book into the vast and lucrative library market.  Amy was direct, concise, clear and enormously helpful, providing essential information that I was not privy to–as a self-published author– regarding the importance, for example, of having your book listed by Baker, Tubbs and Knapp  so that the librarians will be willing to order it!  Her program is a true service to authors. Thank you so much, Amy, for sharing your expertise and your willingness to help authors be accessed, READ,  and appreciated by many  more millions of people.

-Ruth Broyde Sharone, author of MINEFIELDS & MIRACLES: Why God and Allah Need to Talk


I want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I made your acquaintance about a year and a half ago when I was in the process of figuring out distribution for my first two books. We had a phone consultation and I was encouraged (and a wee bit terrified) by your knowledge and personality. I’ve since listened to a few of your podcast appearances and I’ve come to appreciate your blunt style. I just downloaded your “The Write Way Ebook” and I hear your voice as I’m reading the words. (It’s very impressive that you’re able to do that, ha ha.) The reason I want to say thank you is for this great information.

-Jason Hamilton


For anyone considering joining Amy’s marketing systems, I only have one thing to say: DO IT! Actually, I have more to say! Amy is awesome. She is a “hands-on” teacher who personally called me on the phone and helped get me started with lots of great ideas. That is almost unheard of with trainers! I am so impressed with Amy’s knowledge and her friendly attitude. Your money will be well spent if you join her programs. Just DO IT! THANKS, AMY for all of your help!!

-Barb Daniels, Author of Timmy Teacup


“As children, we spent much of our time being vulnerable; intrigued with and confused by the fast-paced and complicated world in which we lived.  This is exactly how I felt as I approached the world of independent publishing.  And like a child, I needed confident, educated, smart and caring guidance as I moved into this broad and bewildering landscape.  I found all of that in Amy Collins.  I arrived at the doorstep of New Shelves Distribution with a novel, my labor of love.  I knew what I wanted for this book and what I hoped to experience as an author, but there was so much to learn and so many choices.  It was difficult to make sense of it all.  After my first conversation with Amy, I knew that News Shelves was the right place for me in terms of getting my book out into the world and onto the shelves.  Amy is straightforward, concise, fearless and quite funny.  Her wealth of knowledge is immediately impressive as she is able to lay out before you the world of independent publishing in a clear manner and then offer many different options as to how you might conquer that world.  And the support she gives you along the way is simply unheard of in today’s curt retail and service environment.  I cannot stress that enough. And frankly, she does all of the hard work.  She talks to the bookstores, her contacts placing your works on the shelves of major independents.  She deals with Amazon, Borders, etc.  And then she cares for your books, storing them and managing the distribution needs.  So, sit back in your author’s study, put your feet up, have a glass of wine, pretend to smoke that pipe and be content that Amy Collins definitely has your back.  You won’t be disappointed!”

-Jeffrey Blount, NBC News, Meet the Press,  and author of Hating Heidi Foster




“I’ve listened to a lot of webinars and read a lot of books and articles about book marketing and promotion, and I have to say, Amy Collins knocks it out of the park. She is one of the most authentic, genuinely supportive and tireless mentor to us authors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her generosity, positive yet realistic attitude, and willingness to go several extra miles for you—even outside of the scope of her course—is what has made me into a fan for life.

—Birgitte Rasine, award-winning author and producer of “The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree

Dear Amy, I found your seminar very useful. There are four things from the seminar that I am going to use to increase my sales. Thanks again. It was the best IBPA seminar I have heard and also the best seminar on selling online!

-George Goddard


“Amy is a true publishing expert. Unlike some self-appointed gurus who jumped on the independent publishing bandwagon because it’s the latest hot new trend, Amy’s reliable advice is backed up by decades of actual industry experience. Her contacts in the industry ensure you of up-to-date information and she really cares about the authors she serves. I highly recommend Amy and New Shelves Publishing Services.”

– Michele DeFilippo, Owner of 1106 Design




Julie Dewey Front cover 2016I have had the privilege of working with Amy Collins at New Shelves for about six months now. During this time she has taught me more about the book industry than I could have ever learned on my own. She is a wealth of information…always a pleasure to talk to…and is someone who goes the extra mile for her clients.

One of the best tools I have learned from Amy is how to navigate the library market and why I shouldn’t overlook them. I had been focused on eBook sales and brick and mortar stores, little did I know how profitable the library marketplace can be. The caveat is that you have to do the work, you have to get on the phone and ask to speak with the acquisitions, you have to send emails, follow up on those emails, and book events to help create a buzz. As a result of the time put in I have my book(s) in forty plus libraries and this is just the beginning. What’s even better is that because I chatted with the book buyer before hand about my book, and offered them a review copy for free, they can recommend it to their patrons. I followed up with a dozen libraries this week, all said my books have circulated 6-8 times since they arrived two months ago and have holds placed, or people waiting for them! Additionally, I have found that the folks in the library systems want to help new authors get their work recognized. They are supportive and kind and grateful to book events that bring more folks into their library.

Not all people read physical books, some want eBooks and others want audio. Libraries buy these as well. So the one book I donated for a review copy translates to multiple levels of sales, and new readers which means more reviews.

Amy helped me draft a letter for libraries. She walked me through what to say on the phone and how to handle myself in a variety of situations. For example coming up with one sentence that answers the question, “What is your book about?” She is an undeniable straight shooting, smart cookie who I would NOT be where I am today without her.


Thanks for helpShannon Parishing and for all of your insights. You are a good teacher, gifted communicator and lively presenter. “Keep on keeping’ on” (as the song says).

-Greg Borzo, author of Author of the forthcoming “Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains,” as well as “RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride;” “Chicago Cable Cars;” “Where to Bike Chicago: Best Biking in City and Suburbs;” and “The Chicago ‘L’ ”





“Amy Collins is my go-to expert when I’m working with a client that is serious about getting their books on the shelves, maximizing their distribution and targeting specialty sales channels. Her ability to recognize a good book vs. a great book is a gift, and if she tells you a book will sell, trust her, she knows her stuff. She is always a pleasure to work with and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you are a publisher looking to improve book sales and distribution for your catalog of titles, or an independent author looking to get your book out to the world. Amy will help to define your sales channel, like no one else in the business can. It is worth your time to pick up the phone and call her.”

– Sherrie Wilkolaski, CEO of Author Boutique



“Amy is a great professional. She knows her stuff and is the one I rely on when I have challenges or don’t understand something. She is always responsive and has a delightful disposition. ”

-Joel Geffen, Publisher of Take That Nursing Home and Shove It! and The Ombudsman








“A creative problem solver who is able to turn a vision into a solid reality.”

– Frank Rivera, Art Director, Adams Media


“Amy is a personable guide through the maze of self-publishing for my ghostwriting clients

who have worked with Amy on completing the publishing process for their books. Her level of professionalism and management skills are superb, and I highly recommend her services.”

– Dr. Caron Goode




Amy Collins is the only person I will trust with any marketing and publishing projects. She has a vast network of fantastic professional and creative people; her work is dazzlingly creative and innovative; Amy knows how to reach customers and deliver your product. I am thrilled to recommend her services!” – Jessica Week, Cartwheel Copy


I was very pleased with the store outreach. We were able to schedule a number of events, both at stores and libraries. Even though not all the events were well-attended, the ancillary benefits—such as making the store employees aware of the book and getting prime shelf space before and after the event—made the events worthwhile.”

-David S. Brody, Author of Cabal of the Westford Knight


Amy Collins was a terrific partner for Borders Group. She is innovative, creative and very practical in her project approach. She is solution oriented and consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.

-Kathryn Popoff, VP Borders Books and Music






Amy Collins was just what I was looking for in a consultant and sales rep. She quickly and effectively presented our books to national buyers who not only placed orders, but selected one of our books Little Bunny Kung Fu as the Borders Original Voice. Amy was also available for consulting advice on covers, design and presentation, making sure out titles had the best possible chance with the national market.

I would recommend Amy Collins to anyone who wants the best for their business!

-Miriam Hees, Publisher/Managing Editor Blooming Tree Press



New Shelves brings new meaning to the phrase “customer service” by combining

competence and the willingness to go the extra mile. Equally important to a successful partnership is the fact that they listen and execute their client’s vision with precision and great style. Amy Collins is a pleasure to work with.

-Tim Francis, Author




Amy Collins of New Shelves has been an incredibly valuable asset to our publishing company. She is accurate, timely, considerate, and, above all, bubbling over with advice and guidance. Spending ten minutes with Amy is more valuable than hours with anyone else I know.

-Nancy Lautzenhiser, AP Lee & Co., Ltd., Publishers




Amy Collins has educated me in the world of publishing and its entities. She was instrumental in getting my name in the world of books which included distribution, publishing and being shelved in book stores across the US. I can’t begin to express my delight in finding and signing on with them and Amy Collins is refreshing to work with. She is honest and very knowledgeable about all aspects of publishing and the world of books.

-Debbie Williamson, Author



Thank you and the rest of New Shelves for making my book a success. I don’t know when I’ve worked as hard, gotten as much accomplished and had such a good time. Your professionalism pulled it together.

Hope you understood my dedication to you in Last Call as the ‘Cyber Nag’. Truthfully, if you hadn’t of been there it wouldn’t have gotten done.

-jd Seamus, Capital Press




To have Amy working with me on my newest book, The Truth, I’m a Girl, I’m Smart and I Know Everything! is so much fun. Working with Ms. Collins is actually a dream come true for me. As an author of now my fifth book, I look back and wonder, “Amy, where were you? I only wish you had entered my life years ago!”

Amy is the ultimate professional—she knows the business of books. She is pleasant. She is honest. She keeps to her timetables. She is creative and always willing to brainstorm a new idea. She returns calls. Her fees are very fair.

-Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Enchanted Self Press





As a new fiction publisher, I felt I needed a highly-regarded expert in books sales to launch my first series. Amy used her experience and contacts to sell my book, Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye, into Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and even got it on a Christmas display! She certainly helps get small publishers the attention (and orders) they deserve.

– Karen Jobalia, Firelight Press






Amy Collins is absolutely one of the most dynamic and successful consultants I have ever

had the pleasure of working with. If you give her the opportunity, I am confident she can offer valuable improvements to your company’s bottom line.

-Greg Snider, Blu Sky Media Group



In the time that I have worked with Amy, I have been truly impressed with her follow-up and attention to detail. She has just the right combination of knowledge, experience, and perseverance. She is quick to act when the situation calls for it, making herself available at all times for such instances. She is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to growing our business with her help.

-Jill Weitzel, Atlas Books Bookmasters





In one short year, Amy built the marketing foundation for the History Publishing Company,

brand new to the publishing business, by taking it to the next plateau getting its first three books into Ingram, Baker and Taylor and a host of other important outlets. She is truly a heavyweight in the publishing business.

-Don Bracken, History Publishing Co.






Amy Collins was terrific. Not only did she make the process go smoothly with her expertise and knowledge of how the book industry works, but she also delivered everything she said she would on time. In addition, she pitched and pre-sold my book to all the major bookstores!

-Donna Spangler, Boonie Publishing






Coming from 32 years in the graphic design, printing, marketing and publishing field, it’s refreshing to work with the professionalism, candor, and expertise of New Shelves Books

. My needs were met, standards of quality were retained, intricate details were handled, and the end results were stellar. We worked on three projects simultaneously, creating a high-demand book series, with more titles to follow. Her ideas and guidance were superb and welcomed.

-Sheryl Roush, Sparkle Presentations






Amy Collins is a bright & pro-active professional with a wealth of knowledge & experience in the book business. It’s a pleasure working with her & energy level is great!

-Arnold Goldstein, Garrett Publishing







Having you manage the project with people who you knew could deliver and at good prices was worth every penny. Since we don’t produce lots of books to give these contractors (editors, designers, printers, etc.) lots of business, it is difficult to keep them on your schedule and to negotiate a good price. We tend to learn a lot through trial and error which is costly and has put us behind schedule in the past. You do such an excellent job of follow-up and really care about the success of the project; it made the whole experience such a pleasure.

-Johanna Asher, Speechworks






Amy Collins has been a dream to work with. Her expert knowledge about the book publishing business has been essential to me in getting my three children’s books self published. She is honest, easy to reach and always looking out for her client’s best interest. She is able to tell you what needs to be done and guides you in a timely manner every step of the way. She will also tell you what is a waste of her client’s time and, more importantly, their money. She absolutely does what she promises and I would be happy to refer both her and her company’s services to anyone serious about getting their work into book form, making it available for both bookstore and online purchase, as well as marketing their product.

-Carol Zelaya, Richlee Publishing