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Do you sell books for self-published authors and small presses?

Answer: We used to. For many years we sold books into bookstores and libraries, the military and airport markets. But over the years, we found that it was FAR more effective to have the publishers and authors do it themselves. We learned that we could teach an author (or their assistants) how to pitch to the same buyers and get JUST as good results for far less cost. Yes, you can hire a sales team to sell your books, but it is a much better idea to start out doing it “in house” and seeing the reaction from the market rather than leaving it to a third party.

Do you offer warehousing and distribution?

Answer: We do! There are a number of great warehouse and POD distribution options available.  Want to set up your own POD accounts?  We can help!  Want to find a warehouse or warehouse + fulfillment service that is right for you? Just email and we would be happy to help!