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Sued Over Returns


Just saw this notice on PW Daily that Jasmine-Jade Enterprises is suing Borders and B&T over their returns.

Fascinating… isn’t it the publisher’s responsibility to monitor and manage the flow of stock out into the market? As a publisher, my job is to keep an eye on my stock exposure…

It’s pretty simple. Yes, the retailers and wholesalers will use the returnable aspect of books to their advantage. I have to make sure they don’t do it to me. I use bookscan and sales data to keep my stock exposure below what I can handle in returns.

I hate returns and I despise the practice of returning books at 87 days to pay invoices, but if I sell a book on a returnable basis, I cannot very well turn around and cry foul when they get returned.

That having been said, I look forward to more details as this lawsuit unfolds. Perhaps there is more here than meets the web….