What About Book Sales? Bookstores, Museums, Airport Stores, Libraries?


What about sales?

New Shelves researches the best stores for a given book and give you the names and contact information for each one.

We then compose an outreach email that we know will appeal to book buyers and work with you to teach you how to follow up on the outreach for the best results.

logo_farmWe used to do it FOR authors and publishers, but we have found that creating the tools they need and teaching them to do the follow up themselves is FAR more effective and less expensive.

A customized store database, customized sales materials, customized sales outreach email/cover letter, follow up coaching and one hour of training is usually all you need to succeed and get your book sold into the marketplace.  Most campaigns cost between $500 – $1000 depending upon your needs.

With our services and training, what you end up with is a set of tools and lists of stores that allow you to KEEP selling your book for as long as you are seeing sales and success.  Hiring someone to do it for you costs way too much and does not have the same return on investment in the long run.

For more information, email info@newshelves.com and tell us a little about your book!